Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All about me...

Hi my name is Tia Awhina. But my school and my parents call me Awhina. I am 11 years old and I am attending Point England school. My favourite thing to do at home on rainy days is to play on my flash net-book.

A few weeks ago my whole family was in one house. My  oldest brother came up from Palmerston north with his girlfriend. She back down and came back up last Saturday. I was really looking forward for her coming back so she could take us to Christmas in the park but she didn’t because she was tired.

So you have heard a little bit about me I hope you have a great Christmas and happy new year.

Monday, December 12, 2011

What does being a Yr 8 role model mean...

Well what makes good role model is when you help out the little kids and be responsible of your own belongings. What also makes a good role model is when you be a good inspiration to other people in your school and you represent your school like an ambassador.

Well I think that Ngaina has been a really good role model for the school. She is a really great helper and she has been a really good friend. She helps out heaps of teachers and parents and she has done a lot of work for the school. She’s great in kapa haka and i think that is one of the reasons she got picked to get Parehuia Manu O Te Tau.

I think that Athena would make a good leader next year because she is very helpful and whatever Mr Burt asks her to do she would do it just like that. I think next year if she signs up to be a prefect she would become one
because shes caring and kind to others.

One big goal that I would like to achieve next year is to become a kind and caring prefect. I have always wanted to be a prefect and I know next year is my time to shine. I have been wanting to do this for three years.

I can’t wait till next year and be a Year 8.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Net Book Reflection...

Wow, what a wonderful year it has been with our net books. During the middle of the year we started talking about taking our net books home for the week days, weekends and the holidays.  While I have had my net book I have had some dis likes and some likes. The dis likes and likes are not all about school some of them are using them at home too.

What I have liked about having my net book is that when we are at school we don’t have to use books we can type instead of write. Also what I have liked about having my net book is that I have something to do at home then rather sit and watch TV.

My dis likes about having my net book is when we have to get on the internet to finish work and it doesn’t connect we have to stay in and finish our work. Otherwise it has been really fun to have.

Things have really changed since we have had our net books. It’s much easier having to type then write, it doesn’t take long for us to write it and we can finish it at home.

Well if you sum all this information up it will tell you that i’ve loved having my net book.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My $1 million xmas win...

In our class our teacher told us what 20 gifts would you buy if you had $1 million dollars. This is what I came up with...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


With an exciting night to look forward to I was sad because my niece wasn’t allowed to come. It was Halloween, I’m sure little kids go trick-or-treating. But I promised her that I would bring back some lollies for her, and I did.

When I came home other people came to our house saying trick-or-treat and my dad answered them, he said if I could give them some of my lollies that I searched high and low for only to give it to them. I was really angry at him.

My auntie is a christian, she said that Halloween is bad because your celebrating Satin’s birthday. But she still encourages other people to believe in god and to never fall into the wrong hands.

It was really fun trick-or-treating. I can’t wait till next year. I hope you had fun trick-or-treating too!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Holiday...

‘YAY i can’t wait till riverside camp’ I said to myself as I walked to put my stuff in the van. We listened to Mr Burt talk about who our leaders were and how we have to respect them. Then it was time to hop on the buses and go to Willow Park.

When we got there I was hipped up about what our bedrooms were going to look like. I thought to myself I think our bedroom is the best because we got all the sunlight. I slept on the corner of the door. If you went to bed at the right time you would of got 100 dollars (fake money) and if you woke up at the right time you would of got another 100 dollars. Every night and day our cabin got there 200 dollars. Our adult team leader was proud of us. 

On the second week I was really glad to see my mum and dad. On Wednesday my dad, sister and I went to the movies to watch smurfs. It was really packed there and hardly any excited movies to watch. When we went into the movies we saw Stephanie and Turuhira there. 

I had really fun there for the first time. If you went there I bet you would have a great time too! Can’t wait till next year!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Skills

This morning our class were split into eight groups of three.  In my group was David and Maree.  We had to solve a problem saying "You are out at sea and your boat has started to leak, what do you do?" We had to solve this with five objects chair, hammer, bowl, leaf and a box.  We had to think logical.  The were two groups out of eight groups who successfully solved the problem and that was my group and Julie's group.
It really felt good when Ms T said that our group successfully solved the problem. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"The last week or so"

With an exhausting week I have been very busy out of class. I have been busy doing technical things back stage that’s got to do with the production. The production is on for three nights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you were doing this I bet you would be as tired as I am. 

When I came back to class I got told that we have a kapa haka performance on Friday for Te Puni Kokiri. Every day at 12:30 this week we are practising our waiata a Ringa, Himene, Mihi and Karakia. Yesterday we had a practise and we were really great. We sang loud, our Kaia's were really beautiful and I think we have really got it sorted.

On the first night of the production I was really nervous I might do something wrong. Like make a big bang while moving the platform back and forward behind stage. Behind stage it is not just me, there is also Mr Marks, Helen and Mr J. We all have walkie talkie’s to talk to each other. 

Since I’ve been out of class I have missed doing work on my net book. Other people might not miss doing work but I do because I like to coming to school that’s why I have never missed a day of school. Once I came back to class I was so happy that I wanted to do dictation instead of reading a book.

Now that I'm back in class I want to write and help and do all sorts with others and in my net book. And the production last night was awesome.  

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun Friday...

With no expection we had a fun morning. After assembly, we were going to do jump jam in the hall, room 19 wanted to do it with us too. They donated two stickers to our class room to do jump jam with us.

While I was on the stage dancing. At the back I saw Mr Harris doing his own dancing. He was making me laugh and I was forgetting the moves. Then the girls at the back did a big as laugh and made everyone look. He made everyone laugh at him too.

After that had happened we couldn’t go back to class because someone was filming in there. So we decided to do a dancing competition. Whoever won Ms T said that she was going to buy hot chips for them at lunch time. We had to get  into groups of 4 or 5. It was Ngametua, David, Nagina, and me. After we did our dance we got 30/30. and the other group got 29/30. So we actually won by 1 point.

After the competition we played musical statues. The winners got to be the spies. Etta and David were the last two.

On Friday was a very cool and interesting dancing morning. I hope we can do that again some day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maths Whizz

For half an hour during maths we work on a computer device called Maths Whizz. This helps us a lot with our maths. Since I have been on woking on word problems. This is what I do:

Aussie Rules...

Here are some slides from the pass few weeks we done Aussie rules.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tongan flags

When we are driving I just get so frustrated because I can’t see in front of the car because the flags are in the way. When your driving you got have a good view. Sometimes my dad can’t even see where he’s going because of the big flags. But I know they are just supporting their country Tonga. There are even people with flags in their backs. There are people waving flags out the window when they already have heaps of flags on the top of their car. Far they must love Tonga.

Interesting facts about Grant Fox

Grant James Fox was born 6th of June 1962 in New Plymouth. He is part of the New Zealand rugby union and played for the All Blacks. He is not just a rugby player he is also a soccer player.  He was educated at the University of Auckland and Auckland Grammar School. During his time with the All Blacks from 1985-1993, he wore the number 10 jersey and he was the main goal kicker. He scored 654 Points from 46 All Black test matches.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Mission accomplished!

"Mission accomplished!" Our year 7 & 8 boys Rugby 7's Team represented our school down in Tauranga at the AIMS games. It's a tournament where all intermediate schools from all over New Zealand compete. They had to play against 12 schools. We had a assembly about our 7s team winning their tournament down in Tauranga. When they came running down the middle they looked liked the all blacks. Choice Boys!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team 5 Challenge...

With great excitement, I was thrilled to have a fun and dirty part of the day. On Tuesday the 23rd of August Rooms 19 to 22 were going to have a exciting day.

Jumping and hoping with excitement as I walked down to the bottom field. We got told that our class was first up with Ms Tito. Her activity was slingshot ball. If you are wondering what is slingshot ball? Well, it is when you have a slingshot and you put the ball in it and try and get it in the hula hoop. The pink hula hoop was 100 points but the rest were 50 points. We went through our whole class three times and we only got 100 points in 15 minutes. The challenge was who ever got the most points. Whoever got the most points got to have a water fight. And luckily our class won. “Yeah!” goes the class.

Once we got down to the bottom field we were all ready to get hit by the water bombs. “Turn around” said Ms Tito. ‘Splash!’ goes the massive water bomb on Ngaina’s neck. “Ahhh!” said Ngaina. I was like “Ohh!” I want a hit like that, so I move and then hello a bomb comes in and hits me on the back. “Whoo hoo!”that was fun” I said.

After the slingshot water fight Ms Tito said for us all to grab one water bomb and move out on the whistle, then stop on the second whistle. “Wrrp!” Goes the whistle a third time and we all started throwing water bombs at each other. I just popped mine on myself because I was holding it too hard. Then we all rushed towards the water bomb bucket and grabbed some more water bombs and then I chased after Te Rangi because she was hiding away and not getting hit by any one. That So I ran after her and threw my water bombs at her. It felt good.

After all that I felt very cold and happy at the same time. I hope we could do that again some other time. And I hope I get hit more next time.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Multiple Intelligence's

This term for our topic we are learning about multiple intelligences. There are nine different kinds of multiple intelligence's.
* Intrapersonal Intelligence
* I.C.T Intelligence
* Bodily/ Kinesthetic Intelligence's
* Interpersonal Intelligence's
* Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence's
* Visual/ spatial Intelligence's
* Mathematical/Logical Intelligence's
* Naturalistic Intelligence's
* Musical Intelligence's

Here are my multiple intelligence's results:

My top 3 are:

* Interpersonal Intelligence
* Intrapersonal Intelligence
* Musical Intelligence

The intelligence's I need to work are:

* Visual/ Spatial Intelligence
* Naturalistic Intelligence
* Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
* Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
* Mathematical/Logical Intelligence

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


With great excitement I was tempered to grab a racket and play badminton. On Thursday the 4th we were looking forward to a thrilling morning. We were going to the hall to lessons on how to play badminton. Laureen from Auckland Badminton club was waiting for us in the hall.

The first activity we did was controlling the shuttle. We had to grab a racket and a shuttle and hit it up and down without looking at the racket. I found it quite hard doing that. If you are wondering what a shuttle is. A shuttle is equilateral to a normal ball but the only thing is that is travels slowly, has feathers on it and is light.

I thought the hardest one for me was learning how to serve a shuttle. We had to grab five shuttles each and we had to try and hit it in to the shuttle bin. After fifteen goes I didn't even get one in the bin. I was so gutted.

My favourite activity was throw, hit and catch. It kind of tells you what it is all about but I am going to tell you what you have to do. We had to get into partners and my partner was Ngametua. Well, I had a shuttle and a cone. My partner had a racket. I had to say “NOW” then throw the shuttle from my shoulders to my partner. Then she would hit it from in between her legs with her eyes closed, how amazing is that. I had to catch the shuttle in the cone while staying on the spot. This is my favourite because I got to have fun with my partner while still learning. Also because I like hitting things with a bat or anything like a bat.

When Ms Tito told us we had badminton I was like BORING! But when I went it was like “COOL! So never judge something when you have never done it before. I can’t wait until the next lesson.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quiz Questions about Russia

This afternoon we are presenting our presentations we have been working on for the last couple of days. Destiny and I have been working on finding interesting facts about Russia. We are going to do this form to see if our class was listening to the information we had given them. We are seeing if they had remembered what we had told them and put it in to action.

This is the form below:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interesting facts about Russia

This year our topic is keep your eye on the ball. Ms Tito put us in to pairs and we had to find out all about the country that she put us with. Our country was Russia. My partner was Destiny.

This is a slideshow of my presentation:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My highlight of term2

My highlight of the term was kapa haka. It has been privilege to be in the kapa haka group. We have Toanga time on Friday’s so that’s when we get to practise and sometimes at lunch.

This is my highlight of the term because we can meet new people and cooperate with them and we can get to no each other. I have learnt heaps of maori songs with actions and it’s all thanks to our tutors Ms Tito and whaea Sophie and Tokorima.

I have really liked this term because i got to join the group i really like and i got excellent marks in my report. I hope i do as well next term so i can get high standards.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The design process designing furniture for our street...

This term for our topic we have been going through the design process. We had to identify a problem within the street to make it a place we love and respect by designing furniture to enhance learning and is an extension of our classroom.

The next step in the design process was research. We needed to research for designs of furniture to inspire our own ideas and make it our own. We had to think about the attributes, is it safe?, is it practical, creative for seniors, and innovative?, how much does it cost?, can we make them or get them made? We had to reflect on how our research went and what did we find out.

The following step was to generate all of our ideas we had to modify it and make it our own. When we are generating ideas we need to be able to visualise and imagine new ideas.

The next step in the design process is when we find a solution. One of the solutions you can do it make a prototype. If you are wondering what is a prototype? it is just a little mock up of what you are going to do. Then you will know that if it is going to work or not going to work.

I have really liked working with the design process and seeing how it works. I have had fun designing work for the street and making a prototype with my partner Tui. I hope that we could carry on with this work next term and finish it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


With a nervous look on my face, I was ready to perform a powhiri to welcome the visitors that have come from far away. We had to be in the hall and ready before quarter to eight. What is a powhiri you may ask? Well, a powhiri is a way to welcome visitors. When we got to the hall we had a little practise to get us all warmed up.

With had a exciting start with the two kai karanga’s to welcome the visitors to their seats, Shaniah and Awhina. They were brilliant! Up on the stage was the fabulous kapa haka group. For the first time this year, we did a Himene to tautoko the karakia and the mihi. The three songs we did were, Wairua tapu, Karanga mai ra and Iminaka.

After all that, I felt good that it was all done and we finished it off properly. We had a few mix ups but other then that it was brilliant! I hope we do extra well in our next performance.

Rugby League slideshow

I created a slideshow about our Rugby League session with Sio Siua Taukeiaho on the 22 of June.

Rugby League

Yesterday morning room 22 had rugby league training. We had to bring a change of clothes if we could participate in this. Our rugby trainer was Sio Siua Taukeiaho from the 2011 Vodafone under 20’s junior warriors. He came to tech us some drills on rugby league.

When we got there we were divided in to four teams to compete against each other. The first drill we did was trying to zig zag the ball from one end to the other end. It was the first one up to three. Our group wasn’t the group who won so we had to do five push ups.

The second drill we did was trying to score a try while zig zaging through our team mates.It was kind of hard. The hardest thing about was zig zaging through our mates without bumping into them. The first group up to five won. And guess what? our group was the team who won, so we watch the other teams do five push ups.

After all those drills we were divided into 2 teams and had a game of rugby tennis. We had to kick the ball inside the square to get someone out. If we kicked it and someone catched it they wouldn’t be out. We had great fun playing that game we just waned to play it over and over again. But it was the team that was first up to three points and was our team.

I really had great fun doing rugby drills and I hope we do it again another day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am making movies 2

On Sunday the 19th of June the kapa haka group and the movie finalist all went on the bus to the Auckland museum. The kapa haka group was performing first, to welcome all the visitors. First us the kapa haka group went up stairs to put our piupiu on.

We had to go up a heap of stairs till we got to the top. I was so exhausted. Once we got to the stage I was all happy and nervous. Then we started. The two songs we sang were Mihi mai ra and Ka pioioi e.

Once we finished we went down stairs to get changed out of our kapa haka uniform and have pizza and drinks. Then we went back up stairs to watch the rest of the I am making movies. We won four awards and a Sony cam.

I really had a great night at the museum getting to know the girls and boys and being a ambassador for our school. Our performance was nice and short to start with.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Fonterra Science Roadshow

On Thursday the 9th of June we were looking forward to a fantastic morning. The year 7 and 8s had the opportunity to see how inventions were made at the science roadshow. Why did we go there you may ask? well we went there to get a better understanding about our topic. The science roadshow was held at Tamaki college.

Once the first show was over the first theme I went to was detection. In the detection department it had many exhibits like radiation and many more. My group had decided once they had a good look around that the theme we were going to work on was heat. The exhibit that we were going to do was colour and heat. My favourite theme was quirky curiosities because there was heaps of things you could play with and there was also are competition. I entered that competition because i felt like doing a challenge.

At the science roadshow I learnt lots about heat that's what I am going to tell you about. At the colour and heat exhibit you had to push a button and the lights would turn on. When they are on different colours absorb different amounts of heat, and then turns on. There were all sorts of colours that represent some thing. The white colour: said that any heat of light just bounces off me. The black one said: I grab all the heat and light and none bounces off me.
Both of them together said: I grab some heat and bounce some off. If I wanted to keep my house warm the colour I would pick is the black colour.

When we had finished looking at all the exhibits we went to go watch a senses show. It told us about most of our senses and how we use them. What is the purpose of communication you might ask? Well, the reason behind it is sharing information.Why do we have senses? Well, we have senses to protect us. In the sense of vision we have a blind spot. The optic nerve transfers from the eye to the brain. When we smell we draw air with the smell high up to our nose. Guess what we have 10,000 taste buds on our tongue, but babies have more.

The science roadshow was very interesting and fun. There had been some volunteers Victoria and Miracle. And guess what I won a prize from the draw, it was so cool.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


In the last couple of weeks the year 7 and 8s walk to the G.I pools have swimming lessons during lunch. Ms Dempster and Ms Tito was teaching us how to be excellent swimmers. It is very important that we learn how to swim because we are surrounded by water and if we are at sea and we don’t know how to swim, there go’s your life.

For the first week I was with Mrs Nua and she was teaching us how to keep our arms nice and straight to help us swim faster. The week after I went straight to Ms Tito where she teaches us how to freestyle. She told to drag our fingers along the water and lift our elbows out of the water first. On the last day I swam 750 meters without stopping, what a challenge! And guess what I had beat Mr Bark’s first score.

I was quite impressed with myself when I swam750 meters and I hope that I can do more. Next year I reckon I can do more better and do even more meters.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Design process

In room 22 we have being learning about a design process. The design process has six steps to it, identify a need, research, Generating ideas, finding a solution, reflect and then you evaluate on how you have succeeded. One of the steps I am going to tell you about is generating ideas.

Why is generate ideas important?

If you are wondering, why am I talking about generating ideas and not about the others. Well, generating ideas is important because if you tried one of your ideas and it didn’t work you could go back and then there would still be more ideas you could try out.

What we use

There are all kinds of different materials you could use. Here are some materials you could use, wood, metal, plastic, cardboard, and you could also do it digital. The material I am going to use is plastic and metal because if you use cardboard and it rains, It’s just going to be all soggy. that’s why I am going to use the materials that I choose.


I feel very confident about how my sign is going to work
out. I hope I have a different idea to others in my class. Once again I hope I do well!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


In our class my group has been learning about Louis Braille. He is a Frenchman and he was blinded in a accident when he was three. He invented a alphabet that will help the blind people read. It's called Braille. If you can figure out what this says post a comment.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Experienceing the 20 hour famine

As some of you know, the 20 hour famine is on again. Out in the open there are children and adults that are sick and dying from the rubbish that they are eating. This year i have joined team BLUE! yeah! These children need proper food and healthy water. So that's why we have raised money to give it to these children. If you are still wondering why we still do this watch this movie below:
40 Hour Famine • World Vision

If you have just watched that movie, on Friday the 27th t0 the 29th we have a sleepover to experience the famine. If you want to know more about the 40 or 20 hour famine check this website out. Go hard out for thr hungry guys!

40 Hour Famine • World Vision

40 Hour Famine • World Vision

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


In room 22 we are learning about geometry for maths. For all the people who don’t know what geometry is, it is the study of size, shape and position of a two dimensional shape and a three dimensional figure.

We have been learning how to use compasses. Compasses help us make nice round circles. We also have been learning about how to draw two dimensional shapes in our books. Some of us have good spatial awareness that’s why they are so good.

I have really liked geometry. It has times where we have to focus and then we can play. I hope we do plenty more

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taonga time

This year every Friday for an hour and a half the year 7 and 8 students have Taonga time with different teachers in different classes. Taonga means treasure in maori. Why do we do this you may ask? We do this to learn about the different passions of our teachers. For Instance the passion for my teacher is kapa haka.

We have a number of groups that we have for Taonga time they are, kapa haka, sport, music, science, and team building. The group that I am in at the moment is kapa haka. We learn new songs and new actions. We are performing for a powhiri in a couple of weeks.

I feel very pleased to be in kapa haka. We hope we do well at the powhiri and impress the teachers. I really liked kapa haka in the last session!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Netball session One

Yeah! Ms T said that we had netball skills on Thursday in the afternoon. Once we got to the courts, our instructor Emma was already waiting for us. She was holding two bags full of balls. Wow what a strong lady!

When Emma said to the class, “who knows what dynamic stretches are” some of us did not know what it was. I just stood there looking confused! I started getting to know what dynamic stretches were when she explained it. Some of the dynamic stretches were the butt flick, high knees and the grape vine. Some of the people were not doing it properly. Some of the drills we learnt were, chest passing, overhead throw and bounce passing. I was trying to make it easy for my partner to chest pass. But otherwise she was very good!

After a long time of drills and stretches we played a game of corner ball. I was so pleased with Raven because he kept on intercepting to get the ball to win for his group. There were two groups: no bibs and bibs. I was in the bibs group. This was my first time actually playing a real netball game. At the end no bibs ended up winning. I was so gutted!

I still can’t wait till the next session. I felt very proud of myself when I played corner ball. I hope we play another game next session and my group wins.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Values DLO Term One

Last term, our class had a project about the values. The value I did was service. Amazingly I got a 16/16 on my project, and guess what? I only did it in a week.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creative name

In room 22, we have been learning about creativity. What is creativity? Well, I think Creativity is when you invent something new but it is different from something else. Creativity involves two processes thinking and then producing. One of our tasks we did was try make our names creative.
The resources I used were 5 people, coloured paper, net books and a image online.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Term One Reflection

One of the things I was pleased with last term was my reading results. In my report I received excellent for my work habits, behavior and academic progress. I was really proud of my self and so was my dad!

In my report it says that I need to improve in my writing. I really struggle when it comes to writing. My dad was very disappointed when he saw that I am writing below expectation and so was I.

Well, I did very well. I actually got student of the term. My dad was very pleased with my report and guess what? My dad is taking my sister and I to MacDonald’s today. Some of my highlights last term were tech because I finished something for my dad. Another highlight was finishing my DLO. I stayed focused and finished my work on time. That’s why I got a high mark 16/16. This term I hope I do better with my class mates and my beautiful teacher.

These are my DLO results:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My highlight of the term.

My highlight of the term is working on my net books. We have this new system in our class and its called net books. We are paying our net books off every month. We so love our net books and it has been a great experience working with our net books. We hope they last long and never breaks down. We all thought that this was going to be a great idea. We needed a little help at first but then our lovely principal worked it out. So yeah that’s our way of getting our net books.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A karakia for the people of Christchurch

Dear Lord,

I want to pray from the bottom of my heart, for the family of the five month old baby who passed away.I also pray for and for the people who are still trapped in the rubble and for the 175 people who had died in the churches that had collapsed.

I ask you god, to please help the family of the five month baby to stop crying and to get lots of love and comfort from other people in Christchurch. To give strength to the families that have lost their love ones to help the trapped people to be safely rescued from the collapsed building.

I lift my prayer up to you lord because I believe you can help them and make it come true from the bottom of my heart. Amen

The Catastrophic Earthquake

On Tuesday the 22nd of February in the afternoon, a 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch and caused a catastrophic devastation at 12.51 PM.

Buildings collapse:

With great devastation, buildings were collapsing on some people in Christchurch. When I heard there was an earthquake in Christchurch, what came straight to my mind was people getting hurt from the buildings collapsing.


I wish earthquakes were never invented, because it hurts people and it ruins their homes, then they become homeless. Homeless means when they don’t have a home, food and clothes and sometimes water. I hope they find are home to live in with their families. Not cars and the street, I mean a home.

Rescue mission:

The rescue mission has some supplies to help the people who are badly damaged. They are here to help people get out of collapsed buildings and to help them find a home. The navy is also here to help Christchurch.


I believe in Christchurch to make it through these earthquakes and through aftershocks. I hope that stop crying and get lots of strengh from other helpers.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rooms 22's favourite food...

Ms Tito said that she was going to cook us lunch if we figured out the investigation. The investigation was to find what the whole class liked. We did a survey on our class liked. It was very hard but at the end we figured it out. The whole class like nachos. The least votes were curry kumara. I just can't believe that the most of the class likes mussels.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We are learning about statistics, statistics means finding things out. These are some of the keywords that are more related to statistics, Analyse, interpret and presenting. Our class did a survey on what our favourite sport, food and favourite teacher we liked. I investigated on what was the most popular sport. Most of the class voted that Rugby was the most voted. The least voted was basket ball and soccer.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome back

Finally, it was school time. I had been waiting for this day to come, it was the 7th of February and that’s how I knew that there was school.

Most of the class was excited to be back after a long holiday. We were standing patiently next to the door just waiting to see our new classes. My friends and I were so happy that we couldn't keep still.

I was quite surprised I was in Ms Tito class. Once I got into the classroom I was really impressed that they had finished them in time. some of us noticed that the classrooms were square not rectangle.

I hope I have a great year with my new class and teacher.

Monday, February 14, 2011

All about me...

Kia ora, my name is Awhina(Fina for short) and I am a year 7 at Pt England school. I am half cook-island and half Maori. My favorite food is taro and chop suey. My favorite subject is maths and I have 7 people in my family. I am very good at helping people. I have a beautiful teacher Ms Tito.