Thursday, June 23, 2011


With a nervous look on my face, I was ready to perform a powhiri to welcome the visitors that have come from far away. We had to be in the hall and ready before quarter to eight. What is a powhiri you may ask? Well, a powhiri is a way to welcome visitors. When we got to the hall we had a little practise to get us all warmed up.

With had a exciting start with the two kai karanga’s to welcome the visitors to their seats, Shaniah and Awhina. They were brilliant! Up on the stage was the fabulous kapa haka group. For the first time this year, we did a Himene to tautoko the karakia and the mihi. The three songs we did were, Wairua tapu, Karanga mai ra and Iminaka.

After all that, I felt good that it was all done and we finished it off properly. We had a few mix ups but other then that it was brilliant! I hope we do extra well in our next performance.

Rugby League slideshow

I created a slideshow about our Rugby League session with Sio Siua Taukeiaho on the 22 of June.

Rugby League

Yesterday morning room 22 had rugby league training. We had to bring a change of clothes if we could participate in this. Our rugby trainer was Sio Siua Taukeiaho from the 2011 Vodafone under 20’s junior warriors. He came to tech us some drills on rugby league.

When we got there we were divided in to four teams to compete against each other. The first drill we did was trying to zig zag the ball from one end to the other end. It was the first one up to three. Our group wasn’t the group who won so we had to do five push ups.

The second drill we did was trying to score a try while zig zaging through our team mates.It was kind of hard. The hardest thing about was zig zaging through our mates without bumping into them. The first group up to five won. And guess what? our group was the team who won, so we watch the other teams do five push ups.

After all those drills we were divided into 2 teams and had a game of rugby tennis. We had to kick the ball inside the square to get someone out. If we kicked it and someone catched it they wouldn’t be out. We had great fun playing that game we just waned to play it over and over again. But it was the team that was first up to three points and was our team.

I really had great fun doing rugby drills and I hope we do it again another day.

Monday, June 20, 2011

I am making movies 2

On Sunday the 19th of June the kapa haka group and the movie finalist all went on the bus to the Auckland museum. The kapa haka group was performing first, to welcome all the visitors. First us the kapa haka group went up stairs to put our piupiu on.

We had to go up a heap of stairs till we got to the top. I was so exhausted. Once we got to the stage I was all happy and nervous. Then we started. The two songs we sang were Mihi mai ra and Ka pioioi e.

Once we finished we went down stairs to get changed out of our kapa haka uniform and have pizza and drinks. Then we went back up stairs to watch the rest of the I am making movies. We won four awards and a Sony cam.

I really had a great night at the museum getting to know the girls and boys and being a ambassador for our school. Our performance was nice and short to start with.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Fonterra Science Roadshow

On Thursday the 9th of June we were looking forward to a fantastic morning. The year 7 and 8s had the opportunity to see how inventions were made at the science roadshow. Why did we go there you may ask? well we went there to get a better understanding about our topic. The science roadshow was held at Tamaki college.

Once the first show was over the first theme I went to was detection. In the detection department it had many exhibits like radiation and many more. My group had decided once they had a good look around that the theme we were going to work on was heat. The exhibit that we were going to do was colour and heat. My favourite theme was quirky curiosities because there was heaps of things you could play with and there was also are competition. I entered that competition because i felt like doing a challenge.

At the science roadshow I learnt lots about heat that's what I am going to tell you about. At the colour and heat exhibit you had to push a button and the lights would turn on. When they are on different colours absorb different amounts of heat, and then turns on. There were all sorts of colours that represent some thing. The white colour: said that any heat of light just bounces off me. The black one said: I grab all the heat and light and none bounces off me.
Both of them together said: I grab some heat and bounce some off. If I wanted to keep my house warm the colour I would pick is the black colour.

When we had finished looking at all the exhibits we went to go watch a senses show. It told us about most of our senses and how we use them. What is the purpose of communication you might ask? Well, the reason behind it is sharing information.Why do we have senses? Well, we have senses to protect us. In the sense of vision we have a blind spot. The optic nerve transfers from the eye to the brain. When we smell we draw air with the smell high up to our nose. Guess what we have 10,000 taste buds on our tongue, but babies have more.

The science roadshow was very interesting and fun. There had been some volunteers Victoria and Miracle. And guess what I won a prize from the draw, it was so cool.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


In the last couple of weeks the year 7 and 8s walk to the G.I pools have swimming lessons during lunch. Ms Dempster and Ms Tito was teaching us how to be excellent swimmers. It is very important that we learn how to swim because we are surrounded by water and if we are at sea and we don’t know how to swim, there go’s your life.

For the first week I was with Mrs Nua and she was teaching us how to keep our arms nice and straight to help us swim faster. The week after I went straight to Ms Tito where she teaches us how to freestyle. She told to drag our fingers along the water and lift our elbows out of the water first. On the last day I swam 750 meters without stopping, what a challenge! And guess what I had beat Mr Bark’s first score.

I was quite impressed with myself when I swam750 meters and I hope that I can do more. Next year I reckon I can do more better and do even more meters.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Design process

In room 22 we have being learning about a design process. The design process has six steps to it, identify a need, research, Generating ideas, finding a solution, reflect and then you evaluate on how you have succeeded. One of the steps I am going to tell you about is generating ideas.

Why is generate ideas important?

If you are wondering, why am I talking about generating ideas and not about the others. Well, generating ideas is important because if you tried one of your ideas and it didn’t work you could go back and then there would still be more ideas you could try out.

What we use

There are all kinds of different materials you could use. Here are some materials you could use, wood, metal, plastic, cardboard, and you could also do it digital. The material I am going to use is plastic and metal because if you use cardboard and it rains, It’s just going to be all soggy. that’s why I am going to use the materials that I choose.


I feel very confident about how my sign is going to work
out. I hope I have a different idea to others in my class. Once again I hope I do well!