Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Holiday...

‘YAY i can’t wait till riverside camp’ I said to myself as I walked to put my stuff in the van. We listened to Mr Burt talk about who our leaders were and how we have to respect them. Then it was time to hop on the buses and go to Willow Park.

When we got there I was hipped up about what our bedrooms were going to look like. I thought to myself I think our bedroom is the best because we got all the sunlight. I slept on the corner of the door. If you went to bed at the right time you would of got 100 dollars (fake money) and if you woke up at the right time you would of got another 100 dollars. Every night and day our cabin got there 200 dollars. Our adult team leader was proud of us. 

On the second week I was really glad to see my mum and dad. On Wednesday my dad, sister and I went to the movies to watch smurfs. It was really packed there and hardly any excited movies to watch. When we went into the movies we saw Stephanie and Turuhira there. 

I had really fun there for the first time. If you went there I bet you would have a great time too! Can’t wait till next year!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Skills

This morning our class were split into eight groups of three.  In my group was David and Maree.  We had to solve a problem saying "You are out at sea and your boat has started to leak, what do you do?" We had to solve this with five objects chair, hammer, bowl, leaf and a box.  We had to think logical.  The were two groups out of eight groups who successfully solved the problem and that was my group and Julie's group.
It really felt good when Ms T said that our group successfully solved the problem. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"The last week or so"

With an exhausting week I have been very busy out of class. I have been busy doing technical things back stage that’s got to do with the production. The production is on for three nights, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you were doing this I bet you would be as tired as I am. 

When I came back to class I got told that we have a kapa haka performance on Friday for Te Puni Kokiri. Every day at 12:30 this week we are practising our waiata a Ringa, Himene, Mihi and Karakia. Yesterday we had a practise and we were really great. We sang loud, our Kaia's were really beautiful and I think we have really got it sorted.

On the first night of the production I was really nervous I might do something wrong. Like make a big bang while moving the platform back and forward behind stage. Behind stage it is not just me, there is also Mr Marks, Helen and Mr J. We all have walkie talkie’s to talk to each other. 

Since I’ve been out of class I have missed doing work on my net book. Other people might not miss doing work but I do because I like to coming to school that’s why I have never missed a day of school. Once I came back to class I was so happy that I wanted to do dictation instead of reading a book.

Now that I'm back in class I want to write and help and do all sorts with others and in my net book. And the production last night was awesome.