Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My highlight of term2

My highlight of the term was kapa haka. It has been privilege to be in the kapa haka group. We have Toanga time on Friday’s so that’s when we get to practise and sometimes at lunch.

This is my highlight of the term because we can meet new people and cooperate with them and we can get to no each other. I have learnt heaps of maori songs with actions and it’s all thanks to our tutors Ms Tito and whaea Sophie and Tokorima.

I have really liked this term because i got to join the group i really like and i got excellent marks in my report. I hope i do as well next term so i can get high standards.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The design process designing furniture for our street...

This term for our topic we have been going through the design process. We had to identify a problem within the street to make it a place we love and respect by designing furniture to enhance learning and is an extension of our classroom.

The next step in the design process was research. We needed to research for designs of furniture to inspire our own ideas and make it our own. We had to think about the attributes, is it safe?, is it practical, creative for seniors, and innovative?, how much does it cost?, can we make them or get them made? We had to reflect on how our research went and what did we find out.

The following step was to generate all of our ideas we had to modify it and make it our own. When we are generating ideas we need to be able to visualise and imagine new ideas.

The next step in the design process is when we find a solution. One of the solutions you can do it make a prototype. If you are wondering what is a prototype? it is just a little mock up of what you are going to do. Then you will know that if it is going to work or not going to work.

I have really liked working with the design process and seeing how it works. I have had fun designing work for the street and making a prototype with my partner Tui. I hope that we could carry on with this work next term and finish it.