Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amazing Race...

With great excitement I was eager to hear what challenges Mr Barks had for us. "Welcome to the amazing race point england, i'm am your host Mr Barks," Mr Barks said eagerly. "Yay" our group said as we were cheering for Mr Barks. We found out that their were 3 challenges in line for the amazing race. The first one was the slingshot that was all about making a slingshot and scoring points the second challenge was when we had to make a hobo stove and the last challenge was when we had to take photos of ourselves spelling respect.

"Ready set go"

The first challenge was the slingshot. He gave us some rubber, string, a stick shaped like a Y and some newspaper. The first thing we did was we split things into groups so that each group could do one thing each. Our group was in charge of measuring the rubber. “Finish” we said happily. “Yay Mr we've finished our slingshot.” We were ready to go and score our group some points. David was the first one to score us 20 points. By the end of game we scored 110 points.

This was one of my favourite activities we done at camp. I hope when you go to camp you do this activity too. I had a great time and thank you for reading my story.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Twisting and turning down a pitch black tunnel I was trying to sit up. As I went around a corner I slipped making me slap my face on the bottom. That felt really sore. After zooming and sliding down rapidly I finally made it to the bottom of the slide with an almighty splash. When I opened my eyes all the water was swirling at the bottom.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ben Carson...

Ben Carson was born in Detroit, Michigan. His mum Sonya dropped out of school at the young age of 8 or 9 hardly being able to read. A few years after at the age of 13, she was married. Unfortunately Sonya and her husband divorced when Ben was 8 and left Sonya to raise the boys on her own. Sonya worked 2 or 3 hobs to provide for her boys.

In school the boys were going father and father down in their school work. In the fifth grade his classmates called him a dummie because he never answered any questions. When his mother saw his grades she limited his T.V times and didn’t let him play outside until he finished his homework. She made him read two books a week and have him write a written report. After doing this is turned his life around.

In science class one day his teacher brang out a rock that Ben had been learning about at home. The teacher asked anyone who knew what it was called and Ben put his hand up and astonished his classmates. He realised that he wasn’t dum. At the end of the year he was at the top of the class. He was determined to become a physician but he had to learn to control his anger.

On Tuesday 7th March we went to telstra clear to see him and from his photos he looked different. He was much older. He was the first person successfully to enjoin to babies and they were still alive. He was a very good inspiration to us and the little ones.

Always leave a positive footprint online...

At the start of the year our class looked at leaving a positive footprint online. Our teacher decided for us to do a animation of leaving a positive footprint. I had put a lot of effort in to this. This is my movie:

Friday, March 2, 2012

What a scary day!...

With great trepidation, I was carried out of the doctors and into the ambulance with my dad and the paramedics. I didn’t know what was happening because they put me to sleep. Once I got up I was at the starships children’s emergency department waiting to go into my operation because I had a bad infection going through my body. This was at like 6 o’clock pm but my operation wasn’t until 10 o’clock at night. It was for 1 hour. That was pretty long.

“Dear Lord I hope that my operation goes smoothly and fine, Amen”, I prayed before I went into surgery. It is good to pray to God when something bad happens. At that time it was round about 8 o’clock, I had to go somewhere and get this needle put in one of my veins in my left hand. It was so this tube to put my medicine in could get through to my infection

“Now it’s time to go through to surgery Awhina” said doctor Ben. I started getting goosebumps and getting nervous. A nice doctor named Grace kindly calmed me down and said to take the sleeping pills so I wouldn’t feel anything in  the operation. “Good night everyone” I said as I dosed off to sleep.

Early hours in the morning I hear these little voices in my ear and I look to see who's there and all my brothers and sisters are there. “ Hi Fina, are you alright?” said my brothers and sisters “Yes,” nodding my head. My stomach was about to explode because I hadn’t had any thing to eat in so many hours, so I ask my mum if she could make me some migoreng noodles. 

In comes the breakfast “delicious.” The others were like “Ohh how come we never got any!”
“Was it scary Fina?” my oldest sister Courtney said to me. “Nope” I said. I asked her, "Why did you ask me that? Was it scary when you came in?" She had come in to have her new baby boy named Tamihana (guess what I’m the god mother!) And she said “Yeah.” 
After I finished breakfast I was just waiting for a checkup from the doctor. Then I was allowed to go home. Yay!

Going to the hospital was really fun but at the same time very sore. I thank God for guiding all of us through this and helping us out and I also would like to thank the surgeons who did the surgery on my infection - Ben, Grace, Chelsea, Ashley and Yen. If you ever go to the hospital don’t be scared, be tough cause the doctors are only trying to help.