Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A karakia for the people of Christchurch

Dear Lord,

I want to pray from the bottom of my heart, for the family of the five month old baby who passed away.I also pray for and for the people who are still trapped in the rubble and for the 175 people who had died in the churches that had collapsed.

I ask you god, to please help the family of the five month baby to stop crying and to get lots of love and comfort from other people in Christchurch. To give strength to the families that have lost their love ones to help the trapped people to be safely rescued from the collapsed building.

I lift my prayer up to you lord because I believe you can help them and make it come true from the bottom of my heart. Amen

The Catastrophic Earthquake

On Tuesday the 22nd of February in the afternoon, a 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch and caused a catastrophic devastation at 12.51 PM.

Buildings collapse:

With great devastation, buildings were collapsing on some people in Christchurch. When I heard there was an earthquake in Christchurch, what came straight to my mind was people getting hurt from the buildings collapsing.


I wish earthquakes were never invented, because it hurts people and it ruins their homes, then they become homeless. Homeless means when they don’t have a home, food and clothes and sometimes water. I hope they find are home to live in with their families. Not cars and the street, I mean a home.

Rescue mission:

The rescue mission has some supplies to help the people who are badly damaged. They are here to help people get out of collapsed buildings and to help them find a home. The navy is also here to help Christchurch.


I believe in Christchurch to make it through these earthquakes and through aftershocks. I hope that stop crying and get lots of strengh from other helpers.