Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rugby League

Yesterday morning room 22 had rugby league training. We had to bring a change of clothes if we could participate in this. Our rugby trainer was Sio Siua Taukeiaho from the 2011 Vodafone under 20’s junior warriors. He came to tech us some drills on rugby league.

When we got there we were divided in to four teams to compete against each other. The first drill we did was trying to zig zag the ball from one end to the other end. It was the first one up to three. Our group wasn’t the group who won so we had to do five push ups.

The second drill we did was trying to score a try while zig zaging through our team mates.It was kind of hard. The hardest thing about was zig zaging through our mates without bumping into them. The first group up to five won. And guess what? our group was the team who won, so we watch the other teams do five push ups.

After all those drills we were divided into 2 teams and had a game of rugby tennis. We had to kick the ball inside the square to get someone out. If we kicked it and someone catched it they wouldn’t be out. We had great fun playing that game we just waned to play it over and over again. But it was the team that was first up to three points and was our team.

I really had great fun doing rugby drills and I hope we do it again another day.

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