Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My highlight for this term...

This term was an amazing term. I had lots of fun with my classmates and our teacher Mrs Squires. She is a very creative, funny teacher.

My highlight of this term is doing art. We had lots of fun painting, drawing, and sketching. We learnt about all sorts of artists, for example, Daniella Hulme is a figurative painter who using oil paint. She also does smooth strokes with her paint brush.

Next term I hope it was as fun as this term. I hope we do lots of arts and crafts and still learn more about artists.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My mihimihi...

Awhina mihi mihi from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
In our class we got set to do our mihimihi. This is my mihimihi I done around my background and me. Hope you like watching me mihimihi.

Character description...

                 This is mrs Squires description

Ella looked at the names on the board. She turned around looking happy and said that her name was on the board. She had made it into the team.

Ella was really good at netball. She was very fit and coordinated and always represented the school in just about every sport possible. But she also lacked confidence in her abilities so was surprised to see her name there at the top of the list.

                     This is my description:

Ella is a young 13 year old girl. She has long dark brown hair. Ella looks at the names on the board anxiously, scrolling her finger down the list, finally she sees her name, she turned around swishing her hair in the air with a smile on her face and said to me “my name’s on the board, I made it into the netball team.”

Ella was a really enthusiastic and good at netball. She was very fit and coordinated. Sometimes I watch her play netball and when the other team has the ball they throw it and she does this high jump, just and catches the ball and passes it. She always there to defend her opponent and there for her teammates. She plays center in netball. She also represented the school in just about every possible sport. But lacks confidence in her abilities to shine. We were both surprised when we saw her name at the top of the list.

Monday, June 25, 2012

PEPA night...

All thanks to Miss Muliaumasealii we had a great time performing on the stage on Wednesday night. As some of you know PEPA was on. It was from 7-8pm

At we all had to be at changing rooms aswell as the holding rooms. I arrived just about that time I got changed quickly so that Whaea Sophie could put mokos on our face, it was really cool. “Kapa haka your up” mrs Nua said in a whisper. Standing backstage, getting all pumped up, ready to karanga. Then I started and everything in me just exploded like it was never there. We had done our haka and karanga it was time to leave the stage but we left the stage the same way we went on the stage, with kia kaha and pukana.

I really loved it, all thanks to Miss Muliaumasealii she knew we had talent and she let us show other people. Everybody else were amazingly cool. I can’t wait till next term.  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kiwi Kick...

As we arrived I was shivering anxiously, then goose bumps slowly appeared on my body, Finally we got started. Our coaches were sam (sandwich), Anita (butter chicken) and Mike (milky). They told us a little about themselves and also bits pieces about the game. "Yay I can't wait till I start playing" I said to myself thoughtfully.

“Tag” Elizabeth said loudly. We played some warm up games like continuous tag. We had to tag somebody without them tagging you first, if you got tagged you had to bob down. The only way to get back up is if someone tags the person who tagged you. It is a really fun game, you should try it!

Our first skill we learnt was the drop punt. The motto for this game was ‘laces away from faces. Basically a drop punt is when you hold the ball and flick your leg lightly to kick the ball.  “Ohh that was a epic fail Awhina” Stephanie yells from a far distance.

I hope from my story you get a idea of what kiwi kick is all about and what some of the skills were.