Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fun Friday...

With no expection we had a fun morning. After assembly, we were going to do jump jam in the hall, room 19 wanted to do it with us too. They donated two stickers to our class room to do jump jam with us.

While I was on the stage dancing. At the back I saw Mr Harris doing his own dancing. He was making me laugh and I was forgetting the moves. Then the girls at the back did a big as laugh and made everyone look. He made everyone laugh at him too.

After that had happened we couldn’t go back to class because someone was filming in there. So we decided to do a dancing competition. Whoever won Ms T said that she was going to buy hot chips for them at lunch time. We had to get  into groups of 4 or 5. It was Ngametua, David, Nagina, and me. After we did our dance we got 30/30. and the other group got 29/30. So we actually won by 1 point.

After the competition we played musical statues. The winners got to be the spies. Etta and David were the last two.

On Friday was a very cool and interesting dancing morning. I hope we can do that again some day.

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