Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pablo Picasso And Henri Matisse Comparison...

Have you ever seen Pablo Picasso or Henri Matisse’s paintings?, Well, we analysed a painting of ‘Weeping Woman’ by Picasso and ‘Woman with a hat’ by Matisse, comparing and contrasting them. Henri Matisse was born on October 25 1881 and Pablo Picasso was born December 31, 1869. Henri and Pablo became lifelong friends after they met in Paris. Henri was most known for being the pioneer of fauvism whereas Pablo was most known for the style of painting, cubism.  

Even though Picasso and Matisse have both painted a woman they have different themes. Picasso’s theme was to convey a woman suffering from war. Matisse’s painting on the other hand doesn't really have a strong theme. It’s a portrait that is expressionless, not really showing any feelings. He was really experimenting colours, the style of art that is called fauvism.   

Picasso and Matisse have some similarities with their use of bright, vibrant colours, however they have some important differences. Picasso has analogous colours like yellow, red, orange but also complementary colours like, blue and green. He also has shadings of yellow and orange. These bright, but contrasting colours evoke intense emotions. Matisse has shading but by using completely different colours.

When looking at perspectives, lines and shape you can see that Matisse and Picasso don’t have any similarities. They both have different techniques. For instance Picasso used sharp jagged lines. They are clearly delineated which highlights bold, dark, black outlines. This helps convey the horrors of the war. He also likes to see things from different view point, side on or front on. Matisse does have some clear outlines but most were blurred. He defined his shapes through his colours. Most of the colours were mixed and smudged.

Although there are many differences between Picasso and Matisse there were some similarities. I hope you got a glimpse of what the two paintings looked like and how they painted them.

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