Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Design process

In room 22 we have being learning about a design process. The design process has six steps to it, identify a need, research, Generating ideas, finding a solution, reflect and then you evaluate on how you have succeeded. One of the steps I am going to tell you about is generating ideas.

Why is generate ideas important?

If you are wondering, why am I talking about generating ideas and not about the others. Well, generating ideas is important because if you tried one of your ideas and it didn’t work you could go back and then there would still be more ideas you could try out.

What we use

There are all kinds of different materials you could use. Here are some materials you could use, wood, metal, plastic, cardboard, and you could also do it digital. The material I am going to use is plastic and metal because if you use cardboard and it rains, It’s just going to be all soggy. that’s why I am going to use the materials that I choose.


I feel very confident about how my sign is going to work
out. I hope I have a different idea to others in my class. Once again I hope I do well!

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