Tuesday, June 7, 2011


In the last couple of weeks the year 7 and 8s walk to the G.I pools have swimming lessons during lunch. Ms Dempster and Ms Tito was teaching us how to be excellent swimmers. It is very important that we learn how to swim because we are surrounded by water and if we are at sea and we don’t know how to swim, there go’s your life.

For the first week I was with Mrs Nua and she was teaching us how to keep our arms nice and straight to help us swim faster. The week after I went straight to Ms Tito where she teaches us how to freestyle. She told to drag our fingers along the water and lift our elbows out of the water first. On the last day I swam 750 meters without stopping, what a challenge! And guess what I had beat Mr Bark’s first score.

I was quite impressed with myself when I swam750 meters and I hope that I can do more. Next year I reckon I can do more better and do even more meters.

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