Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Team 5 Challenge...

With great excitement, I was thrilled to have a fun and dirty part of the day. On Tuesday the 23rd of August Rooms 19 to 22 were going to have a exciting day.

Jumping and hoping with excitement as I walked down to the bottom field. We got told that our class was first up with Ms Tito. Her activity was slingshot ball. If you are wondering what is slingshot ball? Well, it is when you have a slingshot and you put the ball in it and try and get it in the hula hoop. The pink hula hoop was 100 points but the rest were 50 points. We went through our whole class three times and we only got 100 points in 15 minutes. The challenge was who ever got the most points. Whoever got the most points got to have a water fight. And luckily our class won. “Yeah!” goes the class.

Once we got down to the bottom field we were all ready to get hit by the water bombs. “Turn around” said Ms Tito. ‘Splash!’ goes the massive water bomb on Ngaina’s neck. “Ahhh!” said Ngaina. I was like “Ohh!” I want a hit like that, so I move and then hello a bomb comes in and hits me on the back. “Whoo hoo!”that was fun” I said.

After the slingshot water fight Ms Tito said for us all to grab one water bomb and move out on the whistle, then stop on the second whistle. “Wrrp!” Goes the whistle a third time and we all started throwing water bombs at each other. I just popped mine on myself because I was holding it too hard. Then we all rushed towards the water bomb bucket and grabbed some more water bombs and then I chased after Te Rangi because she was hiding away and not getting hit by any one. That So I ran after her and threw my water bombs at her. It felt good.

After all that I felt very cold and happy at the same time. I hope we could do that again some other time. And I hope I get hit more next time.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Multiple Intelligence's

This term for our topic we are learning about multiple intelligences. There are nine different kinds of multiple intelligence's.
* Intrapersonal Intelligence
* I.C.T Intelligence
* Bodily/ Kinesthetic Intelligence's
* Interpersonal Intelligence's
* Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence's
* Visual/ spatial Intelligence's
* Mathematical/Logical Intelligence's
* Naturalistic Intelligence's
* Musical Intelligence's

Here are my multiple intelligence's results:

My top 3 are:

* Interpersonal Intelligence
* Intrapersonal Intelligence
* Musical Intelligence

The intelligence's I need to work are:

* Visual/ Spatial Intelligence
* Naturalistic Intelligence
* Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence
* Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence
* Mathematical/Logical Intelligence

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


With great excitement I was tempered to grab a racket and play badminton. On Thursday the 4th we were looking forward to a thrilling morning. We were going to the hall to lessons on how to play badminton. Laureen from Auckland Badminton club was waiting for us in the hall.

The first activity we did was controlling the shuttle. We had to grab a racket and a shuttle and hit it up and down without looking at the racket. I found it quite hard doing that. If you are wondering what a shuttle is. A shuttle is equilateral to a normal ball but the only thing is that is travels slowly, has feathers on it and is light.

I thought the hardest one for me was learning how to serve a shuttle. We had to grab five shuttles each and we had to try and hit it in to the shuttle bin. After fifteen goes I didn't even get one in the bin. I was so gutted.

My favourite activity was throw, hit and catch. It kind of tells you what it is all about but I am going to tell you what you have to do. We had to get into partners and my partner was Ngametua. Well, I had a shuttle and a cone. My partner had a racket. I had to say “NOW” then throw the shuttle from my shoulders to my partner. Then she would hit it from in between her legs with her eyes closed, how amazing is that. I had to catch the shuttle in the cone while staying on the spot. This is my favourite because I got to have fun with my partner while still learning. Also because I like hitting things with a bat or anything like a bat.

When Ms Tito told us we had badminton I was like BORING! But when I went it was like “COOL! So never judge something when you have never done it before. I can’t wait until the next lesson.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quiz Questions about Russia

This afternoon we are presenting our presentations we have been working on for the last couple of days. Destiny and I have been working on finding interesting facts about Russia. We are going to do this form to see if our class was listening to the information we had given them. We are seeing if they had remembered what we had told them and put it in to action.

This is the form below:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Interesting facts about Russia

This year our topic is keep your eye on the ball. Ms Tito put us in to pairs and we had to find out all about the country that she put us with. Our country was Russia. My partner was Destiny.

This is a slideshow of my presentation: