Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dog gone lost.....

“Come back Rolly, come back” Monica yelled out the window. Rolly the dog had jumped out of the car window as they were passing a barn. It was old and rusty and it looked like it wouldn’t hold for long. We stopped the car and Monica quickly jumped out to look for him. Monica ran to the old barn and yelled “Rolly, Rolly, where are you”. No reply.

Teeth Chattering, she started to shiver and goose bumps appeared. Rolly’s probably wondering around somewhere, he will be back in no time. While Monica walked into this smelly, old rugged barn, she sat down for a rest opposite a stack of hay. “POO! what’s that smell, Ewwww, it’s poo,” Monica said with a scrunched up face. She had sat on poo, and it was all over her pants.

A few hours later she got worried, about Rolly because he hadn’t come back yet. She started to regret those words she said earlier about Rolly. Monica panicked and panicked, she didn’t what to do. She called out his name “Rolly where are you” no reply. So all she could do was go out and look for him. Monica searched and searched, but she still couldn’t find him. Then she heard this yelp, she ran towards where it came from, and it was Rolly tangled up in a electric fence. So I called out to my father Roy and told him to helped me untangle Rolly, it was so hurtful to see him like this.

As soon as they got Rolly untangled they quickly rushed him to the veterinarian, to get him fixed up.

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