Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Fonterra Science Roadshow

On Thursday the 9th of June we were looking forward to a fantastic morning. The year 7 and 8s had the opportunity to see how inventions were made at the science roadshow. Why did we go there you may ask? well we went there to get a better understanding about our topic. The science roadshow was held at Tamaki college.

Once the first show was over the first theme I went to was detection. In the detection department it had many exhibits like radiation and many more. My group had decided once they had a good look around that the theme we were going to work on was heat. The exhibit that we were going to do was colour and heat. My favourite theme was quirky curiosities because there was heaps of things you could play with and there was also are competition. I entered that competition because i felt like doing a challenge.

At the science roadshow I learnt lots about heat that's what I am going to tell you about. At the colour and heat exhibit you had to push a button and the lights would turn on. When they are on different colours absorb different amounts of heat, and then turns on. There were all sorts of colours that represent some thing. The white colour: said that any heat of light just bounces off me. The black one said: I grab all the heat and light and none bounces off me.
Both of them together said: I grab some heat and bounce some off. If I wanted to keep my house warm the colour I would pick is the black colour.

When we had finished looking at all the exhibits we went to go watch a senses show. It told us about most of our senses and how we use them. What is the purpose of communication you might ask? Well, the reason behind it is sharing information.Why do we have senses? Well, we have senses to protect us. In the sense of vision we have a blind spot. The optic nerve transfers from the eye to the brain. When we smell we draw air with the smell high up to our nose. Guess what we have 10,000 taste buds on our tongue, but babies have more.

The science roadshow was very interesting and fun. There had been some volunteers Victoria and Miracle. And guess what I won a prize from the draw, it was so cool.

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