Thursday, December 13, 2012

Description of Elizabeth

She is a very talented outgoing friend, her name is Elizabeth. She likes to take risks and likes to give everything a go. Elizabeth is been a very encouraging friend, she has taught me to try things out even if I don’t like what we are doing.

Elizabeth had a very distinctive characteristic personality. She always has to be correct before the conversation finishes. Sometimes if we are joking she takes it for serious. (SERIOUS GUY)

One of her favourite movies are Men In Black III, her favourite food pizza and her favourite sport is Rugby league. She has a dog named simba and he is very lazy. Now we go on to the siblings, she has 4 brother and 2 sisters.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2012 reflection

Well, it's been a pretty busy year, this year. I have loved being in Ms Squires's class and meeting new friends like Sylvia and Mino. One of my highlights this year was becoming a house captain for Te Arawa. One of my lowlights was not having a senior kapa haka group, but we had the opportunity to join with the junior ponamu.

Maybe one of the things I could of done better this year was being a better role-model and inspiration to  others. One of the things I did achieve was getting a award at prize giving, I don't know what i'm getting but I know I deserved it. I can not wait till next year, 2013. I can't wait to start my new school, One Tree Hill. I have always been nervous to go to college but I know it would be welcoming and interesting meeting new people.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dog gone lost.....

“Come back Rolly, come back” Monica yelled out the window. Rolly the dog had jumped out of the car window as they were passing a barn. It was old and rusty and it looked like it wouldn’t hold for long. We stopped the car and Monica quickly jumped out to look for him. Monica ran to the old barn and yelled “Rolly, Rolly, where are you”. No reply.

Teeth Chattering, she started to shiver and goose bumps appeared. Rolly’s probably wondering around somewhere, he will be back in no time. While Monica walked into this smelly, old rugged barn, she sat down for a rest opposite a stack of hay. “POO! what’s that smell, Ewwww, it’s poo,” Monica said with a scrunched up face. She had sat on poo, and it was all over her pants.

A few hours later she got worried, about Rolly because he hadn’t come back yet. She started to regret those words she said earlier about Rolly. Monica panicked and panicked, she didn’t what to do. She called out his name “Rolly where are you” no reply. So all she could do was go out and look for him. Monica searched and searched, but she still couldn’t find him. Then she heard this yelp, she ran towards where it came from, and it was Rolly tangled up in a electric fence. So I called out to my father Roy and told him to helped me untangle Rolly, it was so hurtful to see him like this.

As soon as they got Rolly untangled they quickly rushed him to the veterinarian, to get him fixed up.

Bush walk....

“T-t-t-t-t-t” my teeth started chattering, while goose bumps appeared on my body, so I whined my window up. The trees started rustling in the sky, birds were chirping but there was no sign of anybody else on the bush walk besides us.

Suddenly, we hear a “BOOM” a big, huge, gigantic pine tree just fell before us. Everyone got a huge fright, especially me. “Damn that tree looks old and rotten, it looks a bit like a old and rusty car” My brother said to me in a shocked way.

“ FI, FIY, FO FUM, who dares to cross my path”, a tremendously big, disgustingly smelly and fat monster says to us. He had warts all over his face, smelly breath, ripped clothes and he was green.
“ Well we just wanted to pass through and look at all the amazing stuff here” I squeaked. “ GET AWAY FROM HERE, GET!” the monster yelled. “Aaaaaaaaarh” they start running away, being followed by the monster, my brother Mark always kept something helpful in his pockets. “Mark” she yells, “ Do you have anything helpful in your pockets”
“Umm, I will have a look” Suddenly I hear Mark throw something, it was a net. The monster landed on it and fell right down, the others just kept on running until they got farer and farer away.

“ Help me, help me and I will help you find your way to the others” the monster says.
“Okay” I said. So they helped the monster out of the net, and the monster lifted them up in the sky to see where the others had gone. As quickly as he could, Mark scanned the bushes to see if he could spot anyone. “There they are” he yelled trying not to look down. The monster runs to where the others are and drops them off. “ I promise I won’t try to disturb or hurt anyone when they walk through this bush walk” the monster said to Mark and I. We went home and told all our friends what had happened that day, and guess what there are heaps of people who go through the bush walk now.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Senior Social

With a fun and inviting entrance I was ready to get my groove on. Mrs Tele’a and the prefects of our school had put together a yr 7 & 8 social. It went from 6pm to 8pm. The theme was black and white.

As I walked into the hall I saw flashing lights and a great atmosphere to be around. Everybody was having fun, dancing around and being crazy. I was shy to dance, but when everybody enthusiastically invited me to dance I started to dance crazingly. We had a dougie contest, Mary represented the girls and Nezinli represented the boys. They were OUTSTANDING dancers. At the end of all this Nezinli had won the dougie contest, but Mary never left empty handed.

The best thing I liked about the social was that I got to spend time with my friends. My bestie Brooke is going Australia soon so I wanted to spend as much time as I could with her until she leaves. I took lots and lots of photos and danced with people who were exciting and fun to be around. Then one of my favourite songs played, Party and bull. Every single person I look at was up on the dance-floor doing their thing. You could see the glow-in-the-dark bands waving in the air and heaps of people jumping up and down.

I had the most amazing time at the social all thanks to Mrs Tele’a, the prefects, Sylvia, Seini-Mino, Selena, Toreka, Samson, Joe and to Mr Tele’a and Tanielu for the the BBQ. I wish this wasn’t my last year at Pt England School, But sadly it is. The positive side is that I get to start college and meet new friends. Anyways thanks again to those people who made this social happen.

Olympic Day........

“Yay!” people said as they sprinted towards the hall, getting saturated in the rain. It was for our senior olympic day where we got to do some activities for the first bit of the morning while the teachers were having a look around at the junior area.  As house captain of Te Arawa I was already in the hall giving out the papers and getting my group sorted.

Well one of my favourite activities was when our group went to Mr J (tall) to watch movies. “We are gonna go back in time to 4 years ago and watch a movie” Mr J said in a commentator voice. I was wondering what we were gonna watch then he mentioned the toy shop. While we were watching the movie I could see myself on the projector, and so could everyone else. I was so embarrassed.

Another one of my favourite activities was when we went to the other Mr J (short) in the staff room. We did singstar, my favourite thing to do at home. I had a turn singing with Toko. When I won they were saying that I won by humming because they never heard me singing. I had won by miles and our group, Te Arawa 1 scored 75 points against Tainui 1 scoring nothing. I was very happy with my group and all the effort they put into winning.

At the of the rotations I was very happy with my group. I think they had done really well and can’t wait till we spend the next morning together as a group.

Tommy Kapai Wilson...

“Kia ora bro”  Tommy said in a funny version. The first thing that made me interested in his story was when he was talking like a maori and saying kik bak words.  He was a very interesting guy and straight up.

One of his dad’s rules when they were little was they had to make 10 people happy a day, and that there wasn’t allowed any violence in the house or around them. Nowadays Tommy still goes around with his little 7 year old daughter and goes in the supermarket and tries to make 20 people happy. If they don’t make the counter person happy they go back around the supermarket until they make him happy.

One of his first jobs that he ever started was a dishwashing job in Mt Ruapehu. He washed over 300 peoples dishes.