Monday, August 20, 2012

What are the harms of smoking...

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It is really not a good idea to start smoking at a young age or even ever start smoking. Smoking can cause multiple health issues,  can affect your appearance and is a total waste of money. My advice to you is don’t even think about smoking.

Smoking can cause heart disease. The chemicals in cigarettes block your arteries because the blood isn’t flowing through all of the body properly. Later in life it can cause heart attacks. Most parents regret smoking after all the disasters happen, they want to see their children grow up and see their children’s children grow up, but for some it’s been too late.

Smoking can also cause damage to your face. Skin often becomes wrinkled, teeth turn yellow, fingers get stained, and you will have Bronson breath. If you start smoking you would probably look older than your age.

To save money for you and your family the best idea is to not smoke or if you do, quit smoking. For smokers you spend 14-15 dollars a packet, so $105 dollars a week if you smoke a pack a day. You are actually wasting money on something that could cause your death so basically you’re buying death.

If I had a chance to go back in time and stop my family from smoking I would, especially now that I know what happens to the human body when all the 4000 chemicals, in every cigarette,  go in it. So my message is to you to don’t ever start smoking.

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