Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Treacherous Track...

With a determined look on my face I was ready to start the race. “CLAP” everybody started to sprint off in a rush, some just jogged.

Huffing and puffing I got to end of the field, leading us into a big muddy patch of grass. Mud splattered everywhere on me it was hard to maneuver along the treacherous track.

As I got to the bush walk my muscles were aching and I was dreading to go the rest of the way. There were hanging over trees, steep steps I fell on because they were muddy and slippery. The bush walk wound, up and down, wound until we got to the end.With determination and perseverance I was able to carry on with the race. “OMG have we got far?” as I said with exhaustion.

As I passed people on the way I was quite embarrassed. I thought that I was one of the last people to arrive to the finish line.  As I got the near the finish line I gave it a big finish “Wooah” I go as I slipped and slid over on to the ground face flat. Everyone was laughing and I was too. I finally made it over the finish line. Yay! I go as I passed the finish line!

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