Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Olympic Morning...

"Yay!” people said as they sprinted towards the hall, getting saturated in the rain. It was for our senior olympic day where we got to do some activities for the first bit of the morning while the teachers were having a look around at the junior area.  As house captain of Te Arawa I was already in the hall giving out the papers and getting my group sorted.

Well one of my favourite activities was when our group went to Mr J (tall) to watch movies. “We are gonna go back in time to 4 years ago and watch a movie” Mr J said in a commentator voice. I was wondering what we were gonna watch then he mentioned the toy shop. While we were watching the movie I could see myself on the projector, and so could everyone else. I was so embarrassed.

Another one of my favourite activities was when we went to the other Mr J (short) in the staff room. We did singstar, my favourite thing to do at home. I had a turn singing with Toko. When I won they were saying that I won by humming because they never heard me singing. I had won by miles and our group, Te Arawa 1 scored 75 points against Tainui 1 scoring nothing. I was very happy with my group and all the effort they put into winning.

At the of the rotations I was very happy with my group. I think they had done really well and can’t wait till we spend the next morning together as a group.

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