Friday, June 1, 2012

Kiwi Kick...

As we arrived I was shivering anxiously, then goose bumps slowly appeared on my body, Finally we got started. Our coaches were sam (sandwich), Anita (butter chicken) and Mike (milky). They told us a little about themselves and also bits pieces about the game. "Yay I can't wait till I start playing" I said to myself thoughtfully.

“Tag” Elizabeth said loudly. We played some warm up games like continuous tag. We had to tag somebody without them tagging you first, if you got tagged you had to bob down. The only way to get back up is if someone tags the person who tagged you. It is a really fun game, you should try it!

Our first skill we learnt was the drop punt. The motto for this game was ‘laces away from faces. Basically a drop punt is when you hold the ball and flick your leg lightly to kick the ball.  “Ohh that was a epic fail Awhina” Stephanie yells from a far distance.

I hope from my story you get a idea of what kiwi kick is all about and what some of the skills were.

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