Friday, May 4, 2012

Daniella Hulmes Life time...

Daniella Hulmes is a lady who loves painting, and they had a tradition. Many years later she was trained as a nurse.  When she was young she always wanted to become a painter but her parents were not supportive of her work and they had a tradition. Her husband got sick of her saying “I want to buy this painting I want to buy that painting” so he bought her an easel and paints. He also enrolled her into art classes. Her tutor taught her all sorts of techniques to use oil paint and her brush strokes. Daniella Hulmes didn’t like the way her tutors style was so she had her own style.

Daniella’s motivation is to make people’s lives happier and to feel joy because there was so much unhappiness and sadness in the world. She always liked to use bright vibrant colours. Her medium is to use oil because of the texture, smell, feel, depth of colour, she also like using acrylic paint because it dries slower and she has more time to work on it.

Her inspiration is her husband's culture, Samoa. The predominant theme is the pacific islands and she likes to use pacific iconography. Her influences are Mondrian and Rousseau.   

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